Friday, July 11, 2008

My Tartanilla Ride At Manila

My mama and I went to Manila last January. I only have my Kodak camera then. Maybe it was a good thing because I might've dislocated my trigger finger if I had a faster camera--- with flash.

I busted the flash last December taking a lot of photos nonstop. I've mellowed down some. Anyway, I have taken a lot of photos while we were playing the tourist at the Philippine's capital--- as we should. We were tourist! hehe I am almost always mistaken for a tourist here in my hometown how much more when I'm really one!

I don't have much to say about where we went because I'm really terrible with names, directions and places. All I can say is it was an experience to remember.

Lots of traffic, dust, funny sights...

...smoke, and of course the flamboyant horse. I forgot what his name was. Henry-- I think?

We caught the ride after our excursion at the Manila zoo.

Mama and I were really determined to get the most of our vacation (haha) there.

I think this was at Roxas Boulevard.

And... I forgot where this is.

If you haven't ever ridden a caratela, or tartanilla or horse carriage before-- You have (almost) now. Without the heat and smoke that went with it. hehe


kayni said...

Thank you for showing us the ride =). It looks like it's a lot of fun. The Amish community in Pennsylvania still ride horse drawn carriages here.

Layrayski said...

It was! It was great! haha I can still remember like it just happened to me yesterday.

Hilda said...

I've been living in Manila my whole life yet I've only taken a ride in a calesa once—when I was a very young kid. ;D

Yes, that was Roxas Blvd. And the last photo looks like somewhere in Binondo.

gandarynako said...

i think the last one is somewhere along the fringes of binondo ;-) sarap!